City Permits

Special Use Permit

  • A special use permit is required when any of the following occur.
  • Want to use the park after 10 p.m. in the evening or before 6 a.m. in the morning
  • When alcohol is being provided for an event or being sold
  • Want to sell and peddle in the park
  • When groups plan to sell items, food and beverages
  • When a group wants to have microphones and/or amplified music at their gathering
  • When 75 or more people are expected to attend an event at the pavilion
  • When 150 or more people are expected to attend an event in the park
  • When the event will include live music entertainment
  • When fees will be collected by the applicant for donations, admissions, concession, or merchandise sales
  • When event plans for the use of temporary structures such as tents, shade structures, stages, booths, amusement devices, pull-behind or trailer cooking grills, etc.
  • When the event requires the closing of streets
  • When the general public is invited or notified by the media
  • When animals will be on display for show or for rides
  • When hot air balloons or any apparatus for aviation ascent or descent into a park is planned
  • When any wedding is held at a park location other than at a reservable shelter
  • When the use of the shelter or park is in a manner other than their specified recreational use
  • Ball tournaments

 Application- Must be submitted 90 days before event for Board of Alderman approval
Special Use Permit

Building  Permit
A building permit gives legal permission to start construction of a project.
Permits are usually required for the following:

  • New Buildings - Commercial and Residential
  • Residential Additions (bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, etc.)
  • Residential Work (decks,  driveways, garages, fences, fireplaces, pools, water heaters, etc.)
  • Residential Renovations (garage conversions, basement furnishings, kitchen expansions, etc.)
  • Commercial Additions 
  • Commercial Renovations (tenant finishes, office remodels, etc.)
  • Electrical Systems 
  • Pluming Systems
  • Sewer Connection
  • Signs

 To determine if you need a permit call the Building Inspector at 573-896-8424 and discuss your plans with the inspector before beginning construction.

Building Permit

Fee Schedule

Type of Permit

Fee $

                                               Special Use Permit
City Employee*
Non-refundable Special Use Fee
Booth, tent, or food establishment*


$24.00/ hour
$5.00/ each

                                              Special Use Permit
                                                     Civic Center
City Employee*
Non-refundable Special Use Fee
Booth, tent, or food establishment*


$5.00/ each

*Only charged if required for event *

                                                      Building Permit

Commercial Electrical Work
Commercial Electric Work and Sign
New Construction
Main Floor and Basement (finished)
Basement (unfinished), carport, deck, garage, shed


No charge
Total sq. ft X .05
Total sq. ft X .04

**Minimum charge is $20.00**

                                                  Building Permit
                                            Sewer Connection

Multi Family
Mobile Home


 $400 X # units
$400 X # of pads